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Magician Malaysia, Hafidz the Wizard, Magician, magic show

Do you believe in Magic?


 Cast a spell and everything is possible! The stage becomes a world of fantasy. The Wizard appears in a red robe and a mask trying to tame a flying table! The audience is astounded as he takes them on a journey of fantasy.

As The Show goes on, the audience gets a chance to know the Wizard even more. He touches their heart and really connects with them with love, and captured them with emotion.

Magician Malaysia, Hafidz the Wizard will bring you on this journey of fantasy on his magic show.

Magician Malaysia

Read the Story, see the photo, watch the video, experience the journey

Magician Malaysia

Suitable for:

1) Annual Dinner

2) Family Day

3) Carnival

4) Wedding

5) Opening Gambit

6) Launching

7) Opening ceremony

8) Product Gimmick

9) House Warming

10) Birthday Party

11) Festive Feast

12) Product Promotion

13) Anniversary  

14) Others

Magician Malaysia

magician, Magician Malaysia, illusionist Malaysia, illusionist, hafidz the wizard, magic show, illusion's show, floating table, Hafiz Othman,  Hafidz Osman, Hafiz the wizard
Hafiz the wizard, Mr I don't know, magician, illusionist, magic show, hafidz the wizard, hafiz Osman, Hafiz Othman
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Magician Malaysia, Hafiz Othman, Hafiz the Wizard, magic show, magician, illusionist, Malaysia, Hafidz the wizard, Magic show, Body Split, Hafiz Osman

Magician Malaysia

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